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 Jones Family Farm is a family owned and operated Dairy farm located on  the upper eastern shore of Maryland dedicated to producing quality milk  in an environmentally conscious way to support three generations of the  Jones family.  The families roots in the dairy industry began in  Burlington county New Jersey in 1932 with the purchase of 18 bred  heifers by Lester C. Jones Sr. and his father Carlton.  Through hard  work and a progressive mindset the farming operation expanded and by  1970 included 200 milking cows along with tomatoes and sweet corn.   Lester Jr.(Bucky) was now an integral part of the operation with a real  focus on the cattle side of the operation.  By 1995 the dairy operation  had doubled and now included Bucky's three sons.  Urban pressure and the  need to expand the operation to support more family led to the  relocation of the dairy to the present location.  Since relocating the  families and the dairy operation have continued to grow with another  generation becoming involved.  We currently are milking 1200 cows and  farm 1500 acres of crop land to support those animals.  Our family may  have grown and our operation along with it, but our objective is still  the same.  Provide for our family and employees through the  production and sale of high quality milk.  We have been able to  accomplish this by caring for our cattle and our land so that they will  will provide for us.    Say something interesting about your business here.


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Jones Family Farm

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